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ELFA Plan - Final - PDF

Aprendizaje Temprano para Todos Final Resumen Ejecutivo - PDF

The Broad Vision
The San Luis Obispo "Early Learning for All" Countywide Plan (ELFA) places high quality early learning experiences for all our children at the center of our community's agenda. This is not a static, final report, but a work in constant progress. It truly does take a village to raise a child. The ELFA Plan holds this ideal at its forefront. ELFA and the children to whom this plan is dedicated depend on the knowledge and resources that the San Luis Obispo County community has to offer. ELFA represents an unprecedented commitment among educators, families, and policy makers to build towards a locally designed, universally accessible early education system that integrates a continuum of learning experiences for young children. ELFA offers a broad vision for San Luis Obispo County, that:

All young children, birth to age eight, regardless of their family's economic status or location, have: 1) access to high quality early learning opportunities and experiences; and 2) families have access to integrated community resources and support services to assist them with the education and care of their children.